2020 · 31. December 2020
At the beginning of the year we started recording our first album. It´s still in progress...but we will finish it in 2021, for sure :-) Thanks already to @burningflag.de and @guido_donot for everything!😘😘 Let's all do more live next year! It's shit like this! Until then, stay healthy. We hope to see you all again soon!

2020 · 21. November 2020
Vocal recording again! Not easy, not easy. Especially when you're missing the mic But....we're in the right direction! At the moment we are recording the vocals on our own. Sometimes we hate it...

2020 · 05. July 2020
This weekend we did some more vocals. By the way you can get a small impression of our work this weekend. In this video are the first tunes of the new LP. The song is called V.K.T.R.S.! It's going to be great! Stay tuned for more new stuff...

2020 · 22. June 2020
Aloha! It's still record-time! We record the vocals with Phil Meyer at Burning Flag Studio. The last two weekends we spent much time to create good vibes and cool sounds. The new songs will definitely be different to the old stuff. We like the new tunes much and we're glad to work on an on. It won't be long!

2020 · 22. May 2020
In these special times, we meet weekly in video calls to discuss further details for the upcoming album. Our engineer and friend Phil Meyer was also fucked by Corona and he had a lot of work to fix daily problems in his music school. In the meantime we wrote lyrics and did vocal-prerecordings at home. We hope to start recording vocals soon. But it’s not that important at the moment. This weekend would have been the wonderful BoozeCruise Festival in Bristol. We are very sad that we couldn´t...

2020 · 01. April 2020
Hey folks! Now it´s true! Booze Cruise has been canceled! The fucking virus is still alive! We are very sad, but there are just more important things at the moment. Stay safe! The statement from the Booze-Crew: "Hey folks, This painful decision has been looming for a while now but we feel its now time to make the call. Regrettably, we are going to have to cancel Bristol Booze Cruise. As you can imagine, this is not an easy one for us. We have done everything we can to make this work but it's...

2020 · 14. February 2020
Yeah! The day split is on and we are very proud to play on saturday with so good bands. The other days are impressiv too. Grab your tickets at Boozecruise homepage or directly here: Eventbrite Come down and party with us on the island!

2020 · 01. February 2020
That´s it! Final lineup is confirmed! We are very stoked to be onboard. It will be the first international gig for us. Uaeeah! You can get tickets and other stuff here: Bristol´s BoozeCruise. It will be rad!

2020 · 20. January 2020
DONE! Alle Instrumente sind im Kasten! Wir haben das Wochenende genutzt, um die restlichen Instrumente einzuballern. Es standen noch 6 Songs Gitarren und zwei Songs Bass auf der Anzeigetafel. Dabei hatten wir aber noch tatkräftige Unterstützung am Start. Es war mal wieder ein intensives Wochenende, das sich aber lohnen sollte! Freitag ging es für Volli und Matze zum letzten Gitarrenshootout in den HeavyKranich. Phil und Matze trafen sich ein wenig früher, um schon einmal einen Song...

2020 · 11. January 2020
An diesem Wochenende stand der Bass aufm Programm! Am Anfang galt es den perfekten knurrigen und punchigen Sound zu finden. Da mussten erst einmal verschiedene Bässe mit verschiedenen Boxen und Amps ausprobiert werden, gekoppelt mit einigen knurrigen Effekttretern. Nach vier Stunden war der Top-Sound gefunden. Es ist eine Mischung aus "Ich hau dir eine in die Fresse" und "der Lanz läuft" geworden :-). Vielen Dank an Phil Meyer, der nichts unversucht ließ, um genau diesen Sound für uns zu...

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