©Paul Schäper
©Paul Schäper

Party on Wayne...

Good mood guarantee: old school á la Epitaph/ Fat Wreck meets contemporary Ami-Punk á Red City Radio and co. and bang - in front of your mind's eye you are suddenly a crisp 16 again, have a light sit, stand on your skateboard and want to embrace the world. Urgently watch Live!

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„EMPIRE ME“, das bedeutet „MELODIC PUNKROCK“ Marke Osnabrück.

Founded in 2013, Volker, Matze, Pascal and Christoph set out to revive the music style punk rock as a genre and as a thought, in and beyond the region.

After more and more intensive rehearsals and first passionate concerts, "EMPIRE ME" meanwhile set themselves the goal to establish themselves in the punk rock scene and to play as many live gigs as possible. A certain political component can't be denied to "EMPIRE ME" when it comes to fighting homophobia, racism of any kind and social justice. This is reflected among other things in their socially critical lyrics. Musically, "EMPIRE ME" combine rough punk rock character with melodic guitars and vocal lines. In their live shows the band convinces with joy of playing, passion for music, humor and authenticity.

In 2015 their first EP with 5 songs was released. The second EP "Where Are We Going Anyway" was released in winter 2017, followed by the release of their first full lengh album "I'm Out" on 24.02.2023!

Since then they have gained live experience at concerts with Rogers, Real McKenzies, Antillectual, Timeshares, Astpai, Red City Radio, Templeton Pek, Such Gold and many more. 


©Paul Schäper
©Paul Schäper

Empire Me are...


Gründung: 2013

Genre: Melodic Punkrock




Founding members

Volli (Guitar/Vocals)

Matze (Guitar/Vocals)

Current lineup

Volli (Guitar/Vocals)

Matze (Guitar/Vocals)

Klaas (Bass) seit 2017

Christoph (Drums) seit 2015

Former members

Jan (Drums) 2013-2015

Pascal (Bass) 2013-2017


  • EP (2013)
  • EP (2015)
  • EP "Where Are We Going Anyway" (2017)
  • LP "I'm Out (2023)