2023 · 24. February 2023
Today is the day we release our first full length album I'm Out. We've been working on it for 3 years and we're very proud that we were able to do it, besides our normal jobs and family commitments. Feel free to listen to all 12 songs in the car, at home or during a workout. Turn up the volume! The album works great at high volume!

2023 · 10. February 2023
We proudly present our release concert for the new album "I'm Out" on 18.03.23. We spared no effort and invited our friends from Bike Age and The Muttnicks. It's going to be a big party. More information about our awesome guests and the schedule will follow. https://www.facebook.com/events/609500563844998/?ref=newsfeed

2023 · 03. February 2023
Hey, today we are releasing two more songs from our upcoming album "I'm Out". We are very happy with the songs and hope you like them as much as we do! You can listen to the songs on all streaming platforms. Old school Bandcamp is still available of course. Resonance is our contrast song on the album, which is not about politics or digitalization, but should create positive vibes. Just go out and enjoy nature! V.K.T.R.S. is about corruption, the difference between rich and poor and is based on...

2023 · 09. January 2023
Hey 2023! We start the year with good news! On 03.02. we release two more singles from our upcoming album "I'm Out" on all streaming platforms. "Resonance" vs. "V.K.T.R.S." will be two songs that sound very different. We are very curious how you like the new songs and which song you like more.We love them both :-) See you soon!

2022 · 31. December 2022
Hey! Crazy year! Next one will be more awesome! On 24.2. we finally release "I'm Out"🥳 That will be really good! In February there will be two more singles for your ears and a release concert as well. In our store you can already pre-order "I'm Out" 😊 We are infinitely grateful for every order! 😘 We had a turbulent year, which was marked by major family events. We were still able to finish our album after 3! years and shoot a video for "Higher Order". What many bands take for granted,...

2022 · 02. December 2022
That was a very nice evening at Trash Osnabrück. In our homebase we were allowed to organize this concert together with the Trash and what can we say... It was worth it! Read more in the two reviews of the Oszillator !!!! Many thanks for all who were there and accompanied us. With so many people we never expected! Amazing! Review 1: https://oszillator.rocks/trashfest-01-punk-rock-und-volle-bude/ (Marco Unkaputtbar) Review 2: https://oszillator.rocks/dreimal-punkrock-beim-trashfest-1/ (Andrés...

2022 · 30. November 2022
Thanks for the kind words Oszillator! Check out the new fanzine.It informs you about the music scene in and around Osnabrück.. Cool stuff from nice people! We love it! https://oszillator.rocks/empire-me-melden-sich-mit-single-higher-order-zurueck/

2022 · 23. November 2022
That was insane! Last two weekends we had two very nice concerts at the JKZ Scheune Ibbenbüren and at our homebase Trash Osnabrück! Thanks a lot for coming, listening and having fun. We have captured a few impressions for you here:

2022 · 06. November 2022
The time has come! Finally we can offer you "I'm Out" as a preorder. In addition, we offer an album-based T-shirt in black. Isn't that cute? LP and T-Shirt can be bought individually or as a bundle here in our store. You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer in advance. This is the most direct way to support us. We are very happy and thankful for every order! Thank you for your support! Over and out!

04. November 2022
Leute. Eeeeeendlich können wir euch die erste Single "Higher Order" aus unserem kommenden Album "I'm Out" präsentieren. Wir haben uns echt lange Zeit genommen aber wir sind sehr sehr stolz auf das, was dabei rausgekommen ist! Fetter fetter Dank geht raus an: Guido Donot für geile Ideen und Gitarrengeschrabbel, Ey Paul für das schöne Bildmaterial und das daraus entstandene Video, Patrick für Licht u. Technik beim Videodreh, Jugendkulturzentrum Scheune für die Location, unseren Klaas fürs...

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