2023 · 03. February 2023
Hey, today we are releasing two more songs from our upcoming album "I'm Out". We are very happy with the songs and hope you like them as much as we do! You can listen to the songs on all streaming platforms. Old school Bandcamp is still available of course. Resonance is our contrast song on the album, which is not about politics or digitalization, but should create positive vibes. Just go out and enjoy nature! V.K.T.R.S. is about corruption, the difference between rich and poor and is based on...

2023 · 09. January 2023
Hey 2023! We start the year with good news! On 03.02. we release two more singles from our upcoming album "I'm Out" on all streaming platforms. "Resonance" vs. "V.K.T.R.S." will be two songs that sound very different. We are very curious how you like the new songs and which song you like more.We love them both :-) See you soon!