Incredible release party!

We first had to collect ourselves for a few days to be able to put this beautiful evening into words. Thank you all for coming to celebrate "I'm Out" with us. The Muttnicks were outstanding as always and kicked off the evening magnificently. They were part of one of the first rehearsal shows with us, so it was obligatory that we had to invite them! With their charm, humor, good sound and thirst for beer they convinced us once again. We are overjoyed that they celebrated with us. 

We were a little nervous because we played the whole album that night and had never played many songs live before. Also, it was the longest set we've ever played live. It was a lot of fun to present you the new songs and to touch all the songs live. After the gig, the tension was released at the merch booth, where we could finish the evening with many friends and loyal companions. Afterwards DJ Volli gave everything and made the crowd dance. Many thanks to all who supported us that evening! We love you!


Photo: Quno

Photos: Quno