Review 2023

Hey folk,

the year is coming to an end and we're saying goodbye for this year too. It was a year of mixed feelings for us. We're really happy that we were able to release our first album "I'm Out" in the spring and that we received consistently good feedback. Then we were allowed to record a video for Higher Order in the great JKZ Scheune Ibbenbüren, which we are very proud of. Paul Schäper filmed it for us and we put it together afterwards. The album has become a bit more listenable and straightforward than older material. We first had to get used to it, but we are very happy with the result. We also first had to get a feel for which songs work well live and are well received. We mainly filled the setlist with new songs in order to be able to present as much of the new album as possible. In total, we played 7 shows this year, which we all enjoyed very much. Some of the highlights were the Maiwoche in Osnabrück, the Hafenklang in HH and the club show at VEB Lübeck. We met great new bands and made new contacts.

Next year we would like to spend another day in the studio to record a small live session. More about that next year. We are also starting to write new songs and hope to record some of them next year. The live date so far is 01.03. at Stumpf Hannover with the great Frau Paul. More dates will be added later. We are still looking for small festivals in the summer, but are focusing more on club shows in the spring and fall/winter. We wish you a relaxing holiday season and a happy new year. Hope to see you in 2024!


EMPIRE ME over and out!

Christoph, Klaas, Matze und Volli