2022 · 31. December 2022
Hey! Crazy year! Next one will be more awesome! On 24.2. we finally release "I'm Out"🥳 That will be really good! In February there will be two more singles for your ears and a release concert as well. In our store you can already pre-order "I'm Out" 😊 We are infinitely grateful for every order! 😘 We had a turbulent year, which was marked by major family events. We were still able to finish our album after 3! years and shoot a video for "Higher Order". What many bands take for granted,...

2022 · 02. December 2022
That was a very nice evening at Trash Osnabrück. In our homebase we were allowed to organize this concert together with the Trash and what can we say... It was worth it! Read more in the two reviews of the Oszillator !!!! Many thanks for all who were there and accompanied us. With so many people we never expected! Amazing! Review 1: https://oszillator.rocks/trashfest-01-punk-rock-und-volle-bude/ (Marco Unkaputtbar) Review 2: https://oszillator.rocks/dreimal-punkrock-beim-trashfest-1/ (Andrés...

2022 · 30. November 2022
Thanks for the kind words Oszillator! Check out the new fanzine.It informs you about the music scene in and around Osnabrück.. Cool stuff from nice people! We love it! https://oszillator.rocks/empire-me-melden-sich-mit-single-higher-order-zurueck/

2022 · 23. November 2022
That was insane! Last two weekends we had two very nice concerts at the JKZ Scheune Ibbenbüren and at our homebase Trash Osnabrück! Thanks a lot for coming, listening and having fun. We have captured a few impressions for you here:

2022 · 06. November 2022
The time has come! Finally we can offer you "I'm Out" as a preorder. In addition, we offer an album-based T-shirt in black. Isn't that cute? LP and T-Shirt can be bought individually or as a bundle here in our store. You can pay via Paypal or bank transfer in advance. This is the most direct way to support us. We are very happy and thankful for every order! Thank you for your support! Over and out!

2022 · 31. October 2022
Yeeeaaaahhh! Our first single "Higher Order" will be released on 04.11. via YouTube and all streaming services. We are happy to present you the first song from the new album "I'm Out" and are looking forward to your opinion. The video for "Higher Order" was shot at the JKZ Scheune in Ibbenbüren, where EyPaul aka Paul Schäper accompanied us with his camera. Thanks a lot to Paul and the crew of the JKZ Scheune for letting us do this with you! Here is a small sample of the "mostly" successful...

2022 · 24. October 2022
Something will happen on 28.10.22! Check our social media channels to be up to date! Instagram: empireme_band Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empiremeband/
2022 · 31. August 2022
Unfortunately we have to cancel the great show in the Jahnhalle on 02.09.! The big C is back! We are heartbroken, but looking forward! Sorry !!! We hope to be able to present you something new in the next few months and are already very excited about how you like it. It is a very long project for us, which is close to completion. Stay tuned!

2022 · 17. August 2022
Hey Ho Let's Go! It goes on with music and good mood. On 02.09.2022 we play at Jahnhalle Nordenham together with Tequila and the Sunrise Gang and Nudelbox 3,50. Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it? Friday, 02.09.2022 Jahnhalle Nordenham Doors Open 19:00 Uhr.

2022 · 26. May 2022
Finally we can play a show? Yeah baby! It will be our first show in 2022 and we are very excited to play a few new songs from the upcoming LP. Come over and drink some beer with us. Also on board are Empty Veins and Insanity Moments. To get in you have to write a email at ucp-muenster@web.de with your name. The number of participants is limited to 80. For more information have a look at Facebook and instagram. Cheers! Fb: https://fb.me/e/1MJmRYgSq

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