NEW ALBUM on February 24th!

We proudly present our cover for the upcoming album called "I'm Out" !
12 tracks of finest melodic punkrock recorded at Heavy Kranich Studio and engineered, mixed and mastered by Phil Meyer, Burning Flag Musik Production aka Burning Flag Musik aka most patient, cute and kind dude known to mankind. Guido Donot supported us with his creativity in guitars and sound. The artwork was designed by Sarah Durry. Thanks for the great work!
We are overjoyed with the result of this album, which we worked on for almost 3 years (oh boy, a long time).
On February 24th 2023 "I'm Out" will be officially released! Preorder will start on November 6th. Mayyyybe there will be a video in near future😋 Stay tuned for the latest news in the coming days.
See you very soon😘